Association For Licensed Auctioneers in Penang

If you are a professionally licensed auctioneer in Penang, the Penang Auctioneers Association (also known as Persatuan Pelelong Pulau Pinang) welcomes you to join as a member!

The Penang Auctioneers Association is an advocacy group representing licensed professional auctioneers to defend and promote the role of professional auctioneers in statutory public and private auctions in the state of Penang (island and mainland/Seberang Perai).

We are committed to promoting the auction method of marketing for all types of movable and immovable assets and the auctioneering practice in Penang and Seberang Perai.

The association aspires to safeguard, protect and enhance the overall welfare of Penang auctioneers through continuous engagement with banks, The Bar Council, Government agencies and more.

Find out how you can join us as a member!